Monday, November 1, 2010

sad sad sad .

31 oktober 2010

it was 6.30 . i was walking with him , he was carrying my heavy bag full of my clothes . auuuuwwww , dia sangat comel bila senyum dekat saya . he makes my world really really happy .
suddenly , my heart was crying coz i will leave him alone here , while i was there with my family .
but i try to smile at him so that he won't know that i want to cry . then , he use his friends car to sent me to bandar u .
when we arrive there , he have to go back to u to pick his friends , so he leave me there and ask me to wait for him . then he go , suddenly before my bus come he came .
then i ask him can i have a mineral water ? then , while he in the shop paying for my mineral water . my bus came , i was very upset .
then he came and give me my mineral water . i really wanna cry but i hold it coz i don't want him to cry too .
then , he was a staring at me from the outside the bus , while i was texting him .
in my text are . '' i sayang u sangat2 , jaga diri . siapkan final project tauu . jangan lupa mkan n mandi .kalau rndu i pandang langit tao . i love you so much , muaa muah .

then after finish text i was looking at him , n he was reading my txt .
after finish reading my text , we was staring each other until the bus strt it's journey . he was waving at me while i'm crying and waving at him too .

in the bus , i just can;t stop crying . suddenly my phone was vibrate and i have received 1 new message n it was him . the txt are ,
" syg.. nape berat sngt hati i nak lepas kan u.. i sumpah sedih gila.. sory sngt2.. mybe i syg sngt2 kat u kot.. sory again.. kalau u nak taw.. u je gurlz yg penah wat i nangis gile2.. huhu.. jgn bgtaw org lain i nangis terok2 taw.. segan.. luv u too sayang.. btw i tgh tgok langi tskang ni .. n i nampak satu bintang cantik sangat .. wane biru .. =') mcm u .. huhu .. miz u my sweetest satr .. muah muah .

n then i start crying n cry n cry . i was thinking to stop the bus n go back to him . but i can't .

suddenly while texting , he was replying thix txt to me , '' u na taw something tak . i tgh jalan dri bandar u .. sbb i nak ingt balek pe yg kte buat smlm . i rse u ade dekat ngn i ble i jalan sekarang . huhu . luv u syg ..

in that moment , i swear to god baby . i really love you . n i will never leave you ! promise .

n i will always remember this text . '' there's no other thing as important as u syg.. my love for u is my soul.. if i lose u, it's mean that i lose my soul..
i will always remember it ! promise .

that it , i love you EMEIR FAEZ MUHAMMAD . i always do . promise .

* btw , sorry coz now , sume org tahu yg u kuat nangesh ! hehe . nanti i bayar balek . coz pecahkan rahsia u . haha . sorry syg .
love you . muah muah .

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